Championing clear change through solvent recycling technology

Reduce your solvent waste by up to 95% and enjoy ZERO solvent waste to landfill.

At ChemChamp, we are changing the way that chemicals and waste are managed, creating a sustainable future through leading-edge solvent recycling technology while significantly reducing operating costs for our clients. Now you can reduce your solvent waste by up to 95% and enjoy ZERO solvent waste to landfill. 

Through convenient and hassle-free patented distillation technology, ChemChamp transforms solvent and chemical waste into reusable, virgin-quality chemicals. By offering ATEX approved solvent recycling solutions, ChemChamp helps improve business performance and compliance, contributing to a reduction in overall operating costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

ChemChamp has thousands of chemical recyclers situated in markets across the world, offering measurable results that speak for themselves.  


  • Maximize performance,
  • Optimise operation,
  • Minimise hazardous waste,
  • Reduce costs and downtime.


  • Fully automated: single button operation

  • Fits seamlessly into your operations
  • Customised to your business requirements
  • Convenient and hassle-free: no moving parts
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Provides clean solvent 24/7


  • Remote areas can be serviced

  • A range of products and services ensure a solution for your solvent problem


  • Patented solutions

  • One-of-a-kind in South Africa
  • ATEX approved
  • Near virgin quality solvents as output 

Astonishing results

Convenient & hassle-free

Service remote areas

Innovative and cost effective solutions for solvent recycling, paint-gun cleaning and related technologies.

We have thousands of chemical recyclers in markets across the world

Over 30 000 000

litres of chemicals recovered annually.

Over R3 million

saved by our customers every year

Over 75 000 000

kilograms of greenhouse gases eliminated

  • Highest Level of Product Safety

    • ATEX approved for placement in both hazardous and non-hazardous locations
    • Patented anti-pressure system (the most critical safety component)
    • Low emissions and odours
  • Leading Edge Technology

    • Unique condensation method that enables higher quality and quantity of solvent recovery
    • Automatically senses correct distillation temperature, optimizing energy use and preventing degradation/discoloration of chemicals
    • Includes innovative vapour recovery system to prevent emissions and odours
  • Easy to Use and Maintain

    • Fully automatic, single button operation
    • No moving parts
    • Stainless steel construction
  • No capital investment

    • No equipment to purchase
    • No maintenance

Feel secure with patented solvent recycling technologies using leading edge science to recycle solvent waste to near virgin quality every time, including:

  • Acetone

  • MEK

  • MAK

  • Xylene

  • IPA

  • Many others

Solvent recycling solutions, without compromise. Try our service through a free Pilot programme and reduce your solvent waste by up to 95%.

Free Pilot

At ChemChamp, we are creating a sustainable future through leading-edge solvent recycling technology. Thousands of customers have experienced the value of using our innovative solutions for onsite solvent recycling. Now you can too – through our pilot programme. 

We begin each project by proving its performance at your site, using your solvent waste to show you the full value.  Our team will determine which solvent recycling system best suits your company’s operating needs by analyzing your chemical specifications and waste streams. We then ship and install the system at your site and train your staff on how to use the automated, single-button start recyclers. 

The pilot programme is free of charge and ChemChamp handles all planning and installation – we understand that your time is money and our goal is to make this process as simple and seamless as possible.  

Get Started

We make getting started easy. Simply contact us and we’ll implement our proven three-step process so that you can start saving immediately. 

  • Qualification


    To qualify your application, we need to know: 

    1. Type of solvent/chemical
    2. Type of contaminant and
    3. Monthly solvent waste volume 
  • Pilot

    STEP 2 – PILOT

    ChemChamp will determine which system will work best for your operating needs by analysing your current solvent and chemical use. We will then install and configure the equipment at your site free of charge and provide training to your staff. 

  • Activate


    Once you are completely satisfied with the quality of the recovered chemicals, and the simplicity of the solvent recycling process, we will activate your service.